Blonde Model Tied Up For THe First Time

April 30th, 2009

Hot Blonde In Sexy Bondage

Meet Jessica, a sexy blonde model. She thought that she was just coming in to the studio for a lingerie photo shoot. However, the photographer had something else in mind for her. Check out these photos and see just how kinky it got. He told her that he would pay her extra if she posed naked. She needed the money so after some hesitation, she decided to agree to it. That’s when he told her that she could earn even more money if he could tie her up.

Jessica definitely isn’t one of those sweet and innocent babes – she’s sucked and fucked more than her fair share of cocks, but she’s never done anything kinky like bondage. She thought about it for a minute, then finally agreed to it. She needed the money, but secretly the idea of being tied up really turned her on. The photographer took his time wrapping the ropes around her, bounding her so that she could barely move. She was a little nervous because she was suddenly so powerless, but she was so turned on!

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