Indian Princess Loses Her Virginity

May 14th, 2009

Hentai Mania

Check out these scenes from today’s hardcore Hentai Mania adventure. This adventure features a beautiful Indian princess. Her father, the king has been cursed by one of his enemies and it’s her job to find the one healer that can save him. Of course, he isn’t just going to do it for free. She doesn’t have any money or gold, but she has something else that this healer wants – she’s a virgin.

She was keeping her virginity until she was married, but she’ll do anything to save her father. Soon, she gets her first look at a hard cock. She’s intimated by it, nervous about how it will feel, but turned on at the same time. Soon, that cock is pushing into her tight, virgin pussy. She can’t believe how good it feels. She feels so ashamed for being such a slut, but she really starts to enjoy the hard fucking.

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