Blonde Teen Fucked By An Older Man

May 15th, 2009

Blonde Teen Fucked By An Older Man

Check out these photos of this smoking hot blonde getting fucked by her much older teacher. He was supposed to helping her study for her history class, but it looks like he ended up giving her a sexual education instead. She started to complain about her boyfriend and how the sex really wasn’t that good. He told her that he might not look like it, but he could give her a night that she would never forget.

She was way out of his league, but soon her clothes were coming off and he got to enjoy all of her incredible body. He gives her a lesson on oral sex – both giving and receiving. He tells her exactly how to suck his cock. A few minutes later, his cock is going deep inside of her pussy, feeling her tight pussy up completely. He gives her the best fucking of her life then gives her a very messy cumshot, the first time that she’s ever had cum on her face.

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