Gay Stud Barebacks His Boyfriend

June 8th, 2009

Gay Stud Barebacks His Boyfriend

Check out these hardcore photos of this gay stud barebacking his boyfriend. These two studs have had sex hundreds of times, but it’s always been with the protection of a condom. However, tonight they’re out of condoms and too horny to waste time with a trip to the store to pick up some more. Plus, just once they want to see what it feels likes. What’s the worse that can happen?

It’s not long before things start to get really hot and clothes start to come off. It starts with a blowjob, but it’s not long before the one stud is on his back, eagerly awaiting his boyfriend’s hard cock. Neither of them can believe how much better it feels without a condom as the one boy slides his cock into his boyfriend’s tight ass. He can’t hold back, he fucks his boyfriend as hard as he can. He doesn’t stop until he explodes inside of his lover’s ass a few minutes later.

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