Black Studs Use And Abuse White Boy

June 11th, 2009

Black Studs Use And Abuse White Boy

When this cute white boy knocked on the front door, he expected to find one black stud waiting for him, but when he walked into the living room, he found three. He’s never taken on three cocks at once, but the idea of getting gangbanged by three black guys really turned him on. Check out these hardcore photos of this gay white boy getting used and abused by these three black studs.

They didn’t even give him a chance to think. They were soon ripping off his clothes and practically ordering him to suck their cocks. He went down the line, giving them all equal attention from his mouth. It was a good start, but they wanted more. Soon, one of the black studs was fucking his cute ass from behind while he continued sucking cock. It wasn’t long before all three of them had fucked his ass and his mouth.

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