Man Gets His Ass Fucked By His Domme

June 24th, 2009

Man Gets His Ass Fucked By His Domme

Check out these kinky photos of this man being abused. You don’t want to end up like this poor man. He was misbehaving and his Domme gave him a lesson that he’ll never forget. She chains him up and bounds him with leather so that he can’t escape. Then she starts to give him a spanking. It hurts, but if this is going to be the worst of his punishment, he thinks that he can handle it all. However, she’s just beginning.

She takes out a thick black dildo and just looking at it makes him cringe in fear. Then she starts to shove it in his ass, she’s not gentle at all. Then finally he thinks that he’s going to get some pleasure. That’s when she starts to suck his cock. At first it feels good, but then she starts biting on his balls. She even gets out a robe and wraps it around his cock. He’s never experienced pain like this before.

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