Teacher Shows Twinks How To Fuck

June 26th, 2009

Teacher Shows Twinks How To Fuck

Check out these gay sex pictures and follow along with today’s lesson. These two horny twinks have had sex a few times, but it’s been mostly awkward, uncomfortable and unsatisfying. They decided to seek the help of someone that was more experienced, this older gay teacher was more than willing to help them. He’s been teaching twinks all about sex for years and he was sure that he could help these gay lovers.

Today’s lesson covered several different topics. The first was the 69 positions. He finds their blowjob technique is above average and they only need a few adjustments to their mouth positioning. Next, they move on to anal sex. They’ve been fucking doggy style, but he taught them two new positions, both were more comfortable and felt so much more satisfying. These two boys were very satisfied customers.

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