Lesbian Dom Punishes Her Sex Slave

June 30th, 2009

In Femdom

Check out these hot and very kinky photos from In Femdom. I don’t think this female slave thought this was how the relaxing vacation to the beach was going to end up. She was thinking something more along the lines as tanning by the water, going scuba diving, not being abused and tortured by her lesbian lover. However, when she was caught checking out other women, her lover unleashed her dom side.

If she wanted to act like a dog, her lesbian lover was going to treat her like a dog and take her for a long walk on the beach. She wraps a leather collar around her slave’s neck and attaches a long chain leash to it. She’s embarrassed, but does as she’s told. At first it’s all about humiliation, but soon things start to get very hardcore. Her lesbian lover has brought along a strap on dildo and she’s soon pounding her tight pussy with it.

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