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Lesbian Dom Punishes Her Sex Slave

June 30th, 2009

In Femdom

Check out these hot and very kinky photos from In Femdom. I don’t think this female slave thought this was how the relaxing vacation to the beach was going to end up. She was thinking something more along the lines as tanning by the water, going scuba diving, not being abused and tortured by her lesbian lover. However, when she was caught checking out other women, her lover unleashed her dom side.

If she wanted to act like a dog, her lesbian lover was going to treat her like a dog and take her for a long walk on the beach. She wraps a leather collar around her slave’s neck and attaches a long chain leash to it. She’s embarrassed, but does as she’s told. At first it’s all about humiliation, but soon things start to get very hardcore. Her lesbian lover has brought along a strap on dildo and she’s soon pounding her tight pussy with it.

See more of the kinky action at In Femdom.

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Busty Asian Babe Teasing

June 29th, 2009

Busty Asian Babe

Check out these photos of a busty Asian babe, she definitely has all of the right curves! She admit that she used to be intimidated by all of the attention that her above average size rack would get. She would get hit on all of the time and she used to wear baggy clothes to hide her boobs. However, as she started to get more comfortable with her body, she started wearing more and more revealing outfits. Now, she loves going out in a tight or low cut top that shows off her ample amount of cleavage.

She admits that all of the attention really gets her turned on. But it doesn’t stop there. She says that she loves having her boobs played with. She likes having her nipples sucked on and even bit. She says that she just had her tits fucked for the very first time not too long ago. She pushed her boobs together and he slid his cock between them. When he was all done, he exploded all over her perfect boobs.

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Teacher’s Horny Pet

June 28th, 2009

Teacher's Horny Pet

Eighteen year old Natasha is a teacher’s dream. She’s a straight A student and even helps her classmates. Plus, it’s hard for the male teachers to deny that she’s hot. This teacher never had any intentions of sleeping with any of his students, but that didn’t mean that he didn’t fantasize about it. Tonight, one of his fantasies came true when Natasha showed up at his house. She said that she wanted to learn something that couldn’t be taught inside of the classroom.

After a few glasses of wine, she loses all of her inhibitions and begs her teacher to give her an education in sex. Within moments, her wet panties are off and his face is buried between her legs. Within minutes, he gives her an orgasm. By now he’s hard and Natasha gives him a blowjob. With a few tips and tricks, she’s soon giving an amazing blowjob. Then the teacher shows her a number of different sex positions, not stopping until he pulls out and explodes all over her stomach.

Come see more at Her Old Teacher.

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Toon Stud With A Monster Cock

June 27th, 2009

Hentai Mania

Check out today’s hardcore adventure from Hentai Mania. This one features Hirono fucking one of the Wing Gals. She’s willing to do anything to move up in the company and to get a pay raise, even sleeping with Hirono. However, she had no idea that he was going to have such a long cock. She’s never seen a cock this long, it has to be at least a foot long but that doesn’t stop her from opening up her pink pussy for him.

It starts with a blowjob, but she can barely take in more than the tip of his cock. However, she gives it all that she can. Next, his cock takes aim at her pussy. Just the head is so thick that it pushes apart her pussy lips, spreading it wide open. It’s a mix of pain and pleasure for her. She moans loud enough for anyone else in the office. However, she takes it like a champion, begging him not to stop until he cums.

See the entire adventure at Hentai Mania.

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Teacher Shows Twinks How To Fuck

June 26th, 2009

Teacher Shows Twinks How To Fuck

Check out these gay sex pictures and follow along with today’s lesson. These two horny twinks have had sex a few times, but it’s been mostly awkward, uncomfortable and unsatisfying. They decided to seek the help of someone that was more experienced, this older gay teacher was more than willing to help them. He’s been teaching twinks all about sex for years and he was sure that he could help these gay lovers.

Today’s lesson covered several different topics. The first was the 69 positions. He finds their blowjob technique is above average and they only need a few adjustments to their mouth positioning. Next, they move on to anal sex. They’ve been fucking doggy style, but he taught them two new positions, both were more comfortable and felt so much more satisfying. These two boys were very satisfied customers.

Click here to learn more at Gay Lessons.

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Karate Student Turns Into Sex Servant

June 25th, 2009

Gay Cartoon

Check out these scenes from this Gay Cartoon adventure. This one features two martial artist students, as a reward the winner gets the other as a slave for the day. Usually in a situation like this, the winner will make the loser clean, do all of his chores and things like that. However, the winner of this fight had something else in mind. While his opponent was still on the ground, he ripped his pants.

Next he ordered the loser to give him a blowjob. The opponent was shocked, he was straight, but he had no choice but to do what the winner wanted. He was soon giving his very first blowjob. The master who had been watching couldn’t resist joining in putting his cock out their to be sucked. By the end, the loser was getting ass fucked by his opponent and sucking his teacher’s cock at the same time.

See much more at Gay Cartoon.

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Man Gets His Ass Fucked By His Domme

June 24th, 2009

Man Gets His Ass Fucked By His Domme

Check out these kinky photos of this man being abused. You don’t want to end up like this poor man. He was misbehaving and his Domme gave him a lesson that he’ll never forget. She chains him up and bounds him with leather so that he can’t escape. Then she starts to give him a spanking. It hurts, but if this is going to be the worst of his punishment, he thinks that he can handle it all. However, she’s just beginning.

She takes out a thick black dildo and just looking at it makes him cringe in fear. Then she starts to shove it in his ass, she’s not gentle at all. Then finally he thinks that he’s going to get some pleasure. That’s when she starts to suck his cock. At first it feels good, but then she starts biting on his balls. She even gets out a robe and wraps it around his cock. He’s never experienced pain like this before.

See just how wild it gets at FemDom Time.

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Horny Twink Sucking Cock

June 23rd, 2009

Favorite Boys

These two boys met at a gay bar last night. They hit off right away and decided to go back to some place more private. Just an hour after meeting each other, they were enjoying a few drinks back at the apartment. Soon, they were feeling a little buzzed and very horny. That’s when things started to get really interesting. Check out these hardcore photos and see what happened.

The boys were soon all over each other, helping each other take off their clothes and revealing their tight bodies. One of the boys asked the other for a blowjob. He acted all shy at first, but it became instantly clear that this wasn’t his first time giving a blowjob. He had definitely given more than his fair share of blowjobs. He made this cock feel so good and he didn’t stop until his new friend was ready to cum.

See what else happened at Favorite Boys.

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Toon Babes Fucked By Alien Creatures

June 22nd, 2009

Evil Comics

Check out these hardcore scenes from Evil Comics. Here we get to see toon sluts getting fucked by some very strange and wild looking aliens. It seems that these babes will fuck just about anything to get off. These strange aliens don’t even look human but that doesn’t stop these toon sluts from letting them penetrate them with their alien cocks and monster tentacles.

Evil Comics definitely isn’t like any other kind of comics or cartoons that I’ve ever seen. Here you can let you wildest and dirtiest fantasies run free. You’ll never find anything like this anywhere else. There’s hundreds of wild, kinky adventures to check out. I can’t pick a favorite, there’s so many good ones to watch. If you like toons or animation, this will definitely satisfy your wildest fantasies.

Click here to visit Evil Comics.

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Smoking Hot Slut

June 21st, 2009

Dirty Smokers

Most of the time, this teen slut waits until after sex to light up a cigarette, but today her boyfriend asked her to do something kinky. He wants her to smoke as they have sex. She thinks it’s a little bit weird of a request, but she has to admit that something about it really turns her on. Her panties come off, then she takes a cigarette out of her purse and lights it up. Check out these kinky photos of this naughty teen smoking as she gets her pussy drilled.

It starts with her giving a blowjob while smoking. She goes back and forth, taking a drag on her cigarette, then sliding her lips up and down his hard shaft. The hot smoke on his cock feels great, but the only thing better than that is pounding her wet pussy, while she smokes. The smoke fills the room as he drills her pussy, he’s so turned on that he gives her the hardest fucking of her life.

Satisfy your smoking fetish at Dirty Smokers right now.

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