Young Stud Used By The Two Bad Cowboys

September 1st, 2009

Young Stud Used By The Two Bad Cowboys

Check out the latest hardcore gay adventure from Bad Cowboys. This farm is usually pretty quiet, so when this young stud saw a couple of cowboys, he decided to go over and introduce himself. Bad decision! These weren’t your average cowboys, these were two of the baddest cowboys west of the Mississippi and they didn’t just want to steal his money, they had something else in mind for this cute boy.

The cowboys pull down their jeans, freeing their hard cocks and ordering the twink to suck them off. He quickly says that he’s straight, but they aren’t about to let him leave. Soon, he’s taking the first cock in his mouth. It’s the first time that he’s ever sucked a cock. He goes back and forth between their two cocks and has to admit that he kind of likes it. But, the cowboys want more than just blowjobs.

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