Male Slave Gets Pleasure And Pain

September 21st, 2009

Male Slave Gets Pleasure And Pain

Check out the latest adventure from FemDomTime. This one features a business man who wanted to try something a little kinky. He had no idea what he was getting into when he called this Domme and setup an appointment. As soon as he walked into her dungeon, he knew that he had made a bad decision. This was way more than what he was expecting and he was literally afraid! He was nervous, he wasn’t sure what she was going to do!

She literally ordered him take off his clothes. He had never been ordered around, he was the boss of several employees and it had always been him doing the bossing around. She chained his hands to some bar, then chained him to the floor. He couldn’t escape now and he was worried what she was going to do next. He asked for a handjob, but that just pissed her off! She stroked his cock, but it was so hard that it was painful. Then she took out a bull whip and started to hit him with it.

See how kinky it gets at FemDom Reality.

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