Gay Cowboy Toons

September 22nd, 2009

Gay Cartoon

Check out the latest adventure from Gay Cartoon. This one features of the wildest men in the west. They’ve come here to duel to the death, but instead of taking out their guns, they end up taking out their hard cocks. They wrestle around on the ground. The loser is going to be on the receiving end. When the dust settled one of the cowboys was on his knees, getting ready to take the other cowboy’s cock in his mouth. He acts like he’s not enjoying it, but you can tell that he can’t wait to start!

The blowjob makes both men forget why they were so angry and wanted to hurt each other. Now, all they want to do is pleasure each other. It doesn’t end with just a blowjob either. Soon, one of the cowboys is bent over and the other is sliding his hard cock into his tight ass. It’s amazing watching these gay cartoons fucking. I love the expressions on their faces!

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