Teen Getting A Lesson From Her Teacher

September 25th, 2009

Teen Getting A Lesson From Her Teacher

This brunette cute has had sex a few times with guys her age, but it’s all been very unsatisfying. She can’t believe that this is as good as it gets, so she decides that she wants to get a sexual education from an older man and who better than her teacher. He thinks that he’s coming over to give her some tutoring before the next test, but she had some other plans. She was giving him drinks and making sure that he would forget about all of his responsibilities to school and start thinking with his cock!

Check out these hardcore pictures and see what happened next. It didn’t take much to get him to take off his clothes. That’s when she took his cock in her mouth and gave him a blowjob. She did alright, but he gave her a few tips to make it even better. Then, she said that she wanted to get fucked. He couldn’t believe that he was going to fuck this 18 year old’s tight teen pussy!

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