Alien Warriors Pleasure Toon Babes

September 28th, 2009

Lust Comics

Check out these scenes from the latest Lust Comics adventure. This wild adventure features four amazing looking toon babes that have been sent from Planet Earth to spy on the aliens. However, they’re caught and the women fear that they’ll be locked away for ever or even executed. However, these aliens have another idea. They don’t want to harm the women, they want to pleasure them!

One of the women is strapped into a chair with pleasure machines attached all over her body. It sounds waves of sexual pleasure through her entire body, making her have orgasms like she’s never felt before. Another has her pussy pleasured by something that looks like a plant, but feels like a tongue the way it works her love box. Then another is taken to see an alien that has tentacles shaped like cocks. The alien uses all of them on this lucky babe, giving her amazing pleasure like she’s never felt before!

Watch the complete hardcore adventure at Lust Comics.

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