Alien Studs Satisfy Earth Women

November 2nd, 2009

Evil Comics

I’ve seen some pretty wild things, but what I saw at Evil Comics might just be the kinkiest thing that I’ve seen yet. Check out these Evil Comics scenes and see what I’m talking about. These women are from planet earth, sent to explore a newly discovered alien planet. They’re supposed to run test to see if it’s livable planet for human beings, however they discover something else while they’re on this planet.

The alien residents of that planet are experts at giving sexual pleasure. Instead of spending five days a week working, they spend most of their time having sex and giving other sexual pleasures to their lovers. These women explorers are soon discovering what sort of magic that these aliens can do with their tongues, penises and other unearthly appendages. It’s wild and kinky, but amazing to watch.

Live out your wildest fantasies at Evil Comics.

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