Steamy Gay Bath

November 3rd, 2009

Favorite Boys

Check out this very hot and steamy gay bath. Last night, these boys went to the gym to work out together. However, the real workout came when they got back to the apartment. They were going to shower separately, but one of the boys had a much better idea. He suggested they save some water and take a bath together. It started off all sweet and romantic, but it wasn’t long before their hormones took over and things got really interesting.

It started with just kissing, but soon their were to rock hard cocks in the water. One of the boys knew exactly what his lover wanted without him even having to say it. He soon had his sexy lips wrapped around his lover’s cock. They took turns, going back and forth on each others dicks until they both were ready to explode. It’s one of the steamiest baths that I’ve ever seen!

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