Face Sitting Punishment For Male Sex Slave

November 4th, 2009

Face Sitting Punishment For Male Sex Slave

This male sex slave has been good so his Dominatrix decides to take him for a walk along the beach. It starts out good, but it isn’t long before things turn kinky. Check out these wild pictures from FemDom Time and see what happened. He started to complain that he was getting tired or that someone would see him being led around in a collar. She ordered him to stop complaining but he didn’t, so she had to punish him.

She started with her cat of nine tails whip, but that didn’t shut him up. In fact, it just made him complain louder. That’s when she forced him to lay on his back and she sat right on his face. She forced him to lick her pussy. Not only did it feel good as hell for her, but it also got him to shut up. However, if he didn’t bring her to several orgasm quickly, there was going to be more punishment in his future.

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