Gay Cartoon – Wild West Showdown

November 5th, 2009

Gay Cartoons

Check out these scenes from the another hot and steamy Gay Cartoon episode. This one features two cowboys from the opposite sides of the law. Normally this would lead to a shoot out with guns, but these horny cowboys have a better idea. The loser of a wrestling match has to do whatever the winner wants, whether it’s hardcore gay sex or taking him to jail. Luckily, it was the good cowboy that came out on top…literally.

The bad cowboy made one wrong move and the good guy had him right where he wanted. He was forced to take the good guy’s throbbing giant cock in his mouth and suck on it. That ended up turning the bad cowboy on so much that he bent over and asked the good cowboy to fuck his ass. I think they were both winners until it was all done, that’s when the bad cowboy was brought to jail.

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