Drunk Blonde Fucked By Two Guys

November 21st, 2009

Drunk Blonde Fucked By Two Guys

Check out these video clips of this blonde teen getting used by two guys. Under normal circumstances, this blone teen would never do anything like this. However, after a few too many beers, she’s lost all of her inhibitions. She’s letting the guys touch her up her skirt, fondle her tits and soon a whole lot more.

It’s not long before the guys are taking off her shirt and she does nothing to stop them. A few minutes later, the only thing that she’s wearing is her denim and the guys are really taking advantage of her. She says that she wants them both, but she really doesn’t know what she’s saying. Soon, she has one cock deep inside of her tender pussy, while at the same time she has a cock stuffed into her mouth.

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