Studs Seduced By Cross-Dressers

November 23rd, 2009

Studs Fun

Check out this wild adventure from Studs Fun. These two studs were walking home from the bar, feeling pretty buzzed and horny when these two females stopped them. At least they thought that they were females. However, back at their apartment, they soon found out that these were no ordinary chicks, it was actually guys dressed like women.

They had a choice. They could’ve kicked out these cross-dressers, but they were horny and decided it couldn’t hurt. Next thing you know, they were both getting blowjobs from these men dressed as chicks. Their was something about it that really turned them on. They had to admit that they were really enjoying it. Would they do more than just blowjobs from these cross-dressers?

Come see all of the kinky adventure at Studs Fun.

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