Unlucky Stud Robbed By Gay Cowboys

November 28th, 2009

Unlucky Stud Robbed By Gay Cowboys

This unlucky traveler knew that he was in a bad part of the wild west, but he didn’t think it would end up like this. He heard them climbing from behind them and he tensed up. He was worried that they would rob him of his money, but it was even worse. They hit him over the head with bottle then jumped down on him. He was in serious trouble now!

Check out these photos and see what they did to this poor traveler. They ripped off his shirt and pulled down their jeans exposing their rock hard cocks. He knew that he had better do exactly what they wanted or it would be even worse. They forced him to suck their cocks. He had never given a blowjob before! Then they took turns fucking his virgin ass.

See the whole adventure at Bad Cowboys.

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