Sex Slave Bound And Fucked

December 3rd, 2009

Sex Slave Bound And Fucked

Wow, check out this wild and kinky adventure from the Bizarre Adult Club. This one features a smoking hot lesbian mistress and her misbehaving lesbian sex slave. The dominatrix was tired of her slave acting up, so she decided it was time to teach her a lesson. She brought her into the basement and proceeded to bind her down to a cold black slab.

The sex slave was no longer able to move and she was really getting nervous about her punishment. The mistress started out rough, whipping her slut into submission. Then she pulled her sex slaves thong out of the way so that she could finger the tender pussy. The slave liked that, but she was nervous when her mistress put on a giant black dildo. It looked like it could rip apart her tight pussy and leave her scared.

Come see just how kinky it gets at the Bizarre Adult Club.

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