Hot Stud Takes A Ride On The Gay Bus

December 10th, 2009

Hot Stud Takes A Ride On The Gay Bus

I’ve got another hot Crazy Gay Bus adventure to share with you today. This hot stud was just looking for a ride home. He had some car problems and with a long walk ahead, he decided to hitch hiking. He picked the wrong day to try hitch hiking. The first people to stop were two guys in a van. They seemed nice but his instinct told him that something was wrong.

He should’ve listened to instinct and not gotten into that van. Instead of taking him to his house they were soon going the opposite direction. They ended up parking in the middle of some woods. That’s when they got out of their seats and came to the back of the van. Next thing you know, they were taking out their hard cocks. They wanted this stud to suck them off. He was straight, but something made him want to suck off these two men.

Click here to visit the Crazy Gay Bus website and see all of their wild adventures.

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