Earth Babes Discover Pleasures Of Alien Machines

December 15th, 2009

Evil Comics Adventures

Check out these hardcore scenes from this Evil Comics adventure. This wild adventure three babes that have been sent from earth to investigate this planet filled with hyper sexual robots and sex machines. They knew that they would only be able to send women and knew that they would have to send their hottest and sluttiest women to get this job done correctly.

The women explorers were nervous, but they soon found out that they had nothing to fear on this alien planet. These machines didn’t want to hurt them, they just wanted to make love to them. These robots all had various types of tentacles that were like human cocks. However, they also had the powers of vibrators. These women had never felt sexual contact like this before. After discovering the orgasmic pleasures that these machines could provide, they didn’t want to go back to earth.

Come see how kinky it gets at Evil Comics.

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