Gay Toon Jungle Adventure

December 18th, 2009

Gay Cartoon

Check out this wild Gay Cartoon adventure. These two explorers were going where just about no other men had gone before. Other researchers refused to go into this jungle because there were rumors of a gay monster that lived within the trees there. But these two studs weren’t afraid, they were strong and thought they could handle anything that comes their way. However, they were wrong.

They were in the middle of the jungle when they had to stop their jeep because there was a log blocking their way. They got out to move it and that’s when this gay monster came up from behind them and was able to grab a hold on them both. It was too strong for them to escape and they were dragged back to his camp. He ripped off their clothes and and got ready to have his way with these two brave men.

See your wildest fantasies come true at Gay Cartoon.

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