Toon Princess And The Rival Warrior

December 20th, 2009

Hentai Mania

Check out this hardcore cartoon from Hentai Mania. It features a blonde babe that’s the daughter of the king and a strong, wealthy warrior from the rival kingdom. The two of them are walking along a dangerous mountain trail when they spot each other. They’re trained, even the princess to attack their enemies on sight, but instead of using weapons they use their mouths.

They’re all over each other, making out and their hands exploring each others bodies. If anyone from their kingdoms saw this, they’d both be sent to prison or worse. However, they can’t control each other. There’s a pure lust between each other and it needs to be satisfied. It’s not long before this young warrior has his long schlong deep inside of her tender pussy. Ten minutes later, he pulls out and explodes all over the princess.

See the complete adventure at Hentai Mania.

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