Gay Cowboys Rob Innocent Boy

January 9th, 2010

Two Big Cowboy Cocks

Check out the latest adventure from Bad Cowboys. This farmhand was innocent enjoying his lunch when he heard some horses coming his direction. He recognized the instantly, they were the Bad Cowboys. They didn’t just rob their male victims, they had their way sexually with them too! It looked like they were going to pass him by, but suddenly they spotted this unfortunate boy and changed their direction towards him.

He pleaded with them to just take his money, but wasn’t going to make them happy. They wanted something else and soon they were pulling down their pants revealing their huge cocks to this stunned boy. He had never seen a cock this big! He was nervous and soon they were putting their cocks right in front of his mouth. He took one in his mouth, then the other. Gave them both head, but they weren’t satisfied with that.

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