Lila’s Tutoring Session With Teacher

January 29th, 2010

Her Old Teacher

Check out these pictures of Lila and her old pervy teacher! Lila had been having a rough time since she started her freshman year in college, she was falling behind in all of her classes and no matter what she did she just couldn’t keep up so she decided to go and talk to her teacher. Lila was a little suspicious when her old teacher told her that he would give her private tutoring lessons over at her place if she was up for it but she really needed the help so she agreed to meet up for at least one tutoring session.

When Lila’s teacher showed up at her place he had a bottle of scotch and a couple of glasses in hand and within thirty minutes they were both on their third drink and things were getting quite fuzzy. Lila sat on the couch next to her teacher but when she turned around the last time she noticed that his zipper was undone and his cock was peeking out the top of his boxers, she tried not to look but the longer they sat there, the more she drank and the more she drank the more she couldn’t keep her hands to herself!

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