Melanie Does DP

March 3rd, 2010

Crazy DP

Melanie had always told her boyfriend that she was crazy in bed but she wasn’t sure that he actually understood what she meant so she decided that she was going to put him to the test. One night last week Melanie told her boyfriend that he had free reign but he had to arrange a kinky night filled with sex fun. She was curious to see what he’d come up with but she was pretty sure that he wouldn’t come up with anything kinky enough to surprise her.

That Friday night Melanie came home from work and found her boyfriend waiting for her with a cute pink bikini and a pair of black high heels in hand. He told her to take a shower and put it on and come in to the bedroom. When Melanie walked in to the bedroom she was amazed to find her boyfriend and a total stranger laying on the bed with their cocks out just waiting for Melanie to get to work. As Melanie crawled between them she laid down and took one cock and popped it in to her mouth, reaching over she grabbed her boyfriends cock in her hand and started to jerk him off too!

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