Rico Gets A Ride

March 4th, 2010

Crazy Gay Bus

Rico had finished up the part time work he’d been contracted to do for a nice old man and he thought he’d wait in the same spot as before to see if anymore work came his way. As he waited by the side of the road a big white van pulled up and they beckoned for Rico to get inside. Always looking for some quick cash Rico hopped in without so much as a second thought and when he got inside he found two guys waiting for him. The guys asked him if he was interested in making some quick cash and always desperate for money to pay the bills he said sure.

When the guys proposed that Rico suck them off on camera in the back of their van Rico wasn’t exactly sure, he’d never really sucked off a strangers cock before but he really needed the cash so he decided he’d give it a try. As he slipped the first guys dick between his lips he felt his own cock getting hard and it was then that the two strangers suggested that he strip off so that they could double team him. Rico soon found himself with a cock in his ass and a cock in his mouth!

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