Blonde Gets Robot Fucked

March 9th, 2010

Evil Comics

This naughty blonde babe had been working in her computer lab for so long that she had no remnants of friends and absolutely no social life. She just couldn’t tear herself away from her robots because she always had just one more bug to fix or one more project to work on. Last Friday though, as she usually does this hottie decided that she needed a little break and locking the door to her lab she stripped off down to her black lace topped stockings. Whenever she got tense about anything she found that teasing her slit always helped her to see clearly.

Bending over to set up her laptop so she could ponder the issue while playing with her pussy this hottie had no idea what had hit her when one of her robots grabbed her from behind and slit his hard metal cock deep in to her pussy! She couldn’t believe that her pet project had been watching her this whole time, learning how to please her with his thick metallic rod. Bending down further she begged it to fuck harder and like a good robot it did just as she asked, grasping her thighs and fucking her deeper.

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