Stefan’s First Gay BJ

March 10th, 2010

Favorite Boys gay porn

Stefan had just seperated from his wife after fifteen years of being married and one of the guys from his gym offered to let him stay in his spare bedroom until he figured things out. Stefan couldn’t decline the offer because really he had no where else to go but he was a little bit worried that his friend would try to come on to him because he’d heard that Frankie was gay. He moved in the following week.

Frankie was showing Stefan around his place and as he leaned in to the closet to show Stefan how much room there was in there Stefan put his hand around his waist. He wasn’t sure why he was doing it but he wanted to know what it felt like so he leaned in and started to kiss Frankie. Frankie kissed back and then pulled off Stefan’s shirt. Stefan couldn’t stop himself and pushing Frankie down to the floor he begged him to make him feel good. He’d never wanted to experiment with a guy before but he was so horny he just couldn’t explain it. Frankie unzipped Stefan and slipped his cock in to his warm wet mouth and Stefan couldn’t believe how good it actually felt, Frankie knew just where to roll his tongue.

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