Kate Rides Don’s Face

March 11th, 2010

Femdom Porn

Kate has always been a dominatrix, there is nothing she likes more than teasing a guy and making him feel like a real ass she she treats him like a dog. When she met Don she knew that she was in for a great night of fucking and teasing when she saw his chubby face light up at the sight of her tight toned body. When they met he begged her to let him touch her tits but Kate told him that instead he was to lie on the floor where she would trample his tiny dick with her stiletto heels.

Don wanted more than anything to touch her body but Kate was having none of it and she pulled out a strap on to make sure that he didn’t get to touch her at all. As he lay on the floor Kate strapped a facial strapon to Don’s face and told him to lie still. She told him that if he dared to move she would stamp on his cock. As Don laid still he felt Kat lowering her tight slit down on to the dildo. He could see her pussy and wanted so badly to lick it.

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