Miko Fucks Gay Ass

March 12th, 2010

Gay Cartoon

This horny blonde teen was visiting Japan when he got picked up by a hot guy. He couldn’t help but want to feel his cock deep in his ass and so he followed him through the busy streets. Rounding corners and ducking in alleys soon he was led in to a dark door and out behind a curtain. As his friend undressed him he felt his cock growing harder and as he dropped to his knees and slipped his friend’s cock between his lips suddenly the curtain opened and bright lights shone on them both.

Miko didn’t know what to do so he kept on sucking until his friend told him to bend over and spread his ass cheeks wide. Doing as he was told Miko bit his bottom lip and spread his ass. As he felt his new friend’s fat cock slide in to his puckered asshole he couldn’t believe how thick his dick was. Looking up he noticed an entire audience watching him get his tight ass pounded. People began to throw money at them and Miko felt his cock begin to throb. His new friend reached around and began to stroke him off while he fucked him in the ass.

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