Stanley Gives A Gay Lesson

March 13th, 2010

Gay Lessons

Stanley was an art teacher at a local community college, he always paid special attention to his male students who showed an interest in him. Last week one of Stanley’s students approached him and asked him if he could talk to him for a moment, Stanley agreed but had no idea what he was about to be asked! His student pulled him aside and asked if he woul be interested in teaching him and his boyfriend a thing or two about gay sex since both of them were virgins but really wanted to try messing around together. Stanley wasn’t about to pass up the chance to see two hot twinks fucking so he agreed and arranged to drop by their apartment that night.

When Stanley arrived at the apartment both of them were standing around in the kitchen with a glass of wine. Stanley told them to have a couple more to loosen up and once everyone had a nice buzz going on things started to get pretty hot pretty quickly! First Stanley taught them how to suck a cock the right way, making sure never to use the teeth and always use lots of tongue. Then things got hotter when he taught them how to take a fat cock in the ass!

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