Blonde Teen Fucked By Grandpa

March 14th, 2010

Grandpas Sleepy Head

Sandra went to visit her bestfriend up in the mountains last week, she was happy to get a chance to get out of town for a while but she wasn’t sure about staying with her girlfriend when her family was there too. Sandra eventually decided to give it a shot since she really needed the vacation and she’d heard that her friend’s new place was really awesome. So she hopped in the car and headed up to see her. When she got there Sandra couldn’t believe how huge the house was but she was pretty freaked out by her friend’s grandpa who kept staring at her all through dinner.

Sandra excused herself after dinner, she’d had one too many glasses of wine and really wanted to take a nap so she snuck up to her room and laid down. Little did she know that while she was sleeping her friend’s grandpa snuck up in to her room and found her laying there. He just couldn’t resist and carefully undressing her he rubbed his old hands over her titties and spread her legs so he could plunge his wrinkly cock deep in to her tight teen pussy!

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