Redhead Teaching How To Fuck

March 19th, 2010

Mature Lessons

Lindsay had been worrying about her date all week, she knew that it was the third date and that meant that Travis expected her to give it up. Lindsay had only ever been with one guy before though and she was nervous that travis would think she was bad at fucking. When Lindsay’s aunt heard all about her worrying she told Lindsay that if she wanted she could give her a few lessons and teach her what guys really liked. Lindsay wasn’t sure at first, in fact the thought of it sort of creeped her out but when she realized that she might lose Travis over it she decided that it was worth it!

Lindsay dropped by her aunt’s place that Friday before her Saturday date with Travis. When she got there her aunt already had a guy on the couch and before Lindsay could ask what was going on her aunt told the guy to strip off so they could get started! Lindsay’s aunt started off by slipping the guys cock in to her mouth. Lindsay watched and took notes as she saw how a good blowjob was given and then she gave it a go. It was a lot easier with someone showing her how to do it!

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