Andy and Allen Swap Cum

March 28th, 2010

Real Sperm Swap

Andy had had a crush on his best friend Allen for as long as he could remember and while both of them had a thing for cock there was never a time when they got together. It was always a case of one of them having a boyfriend and then the other one being single but one night after one too many drinks Allen forgot all about having a boyfriend and things got pretty heated between Andy and Allen as they sat on the livingroom couch over at Andy’s house.

All it took was a few drinks before Allen loosened up and started making advances on Andy. First it started with Allen brushing his hand over Andy’s thigh but when Andy looked up at Allen with those fuck me eyes Allen just couldn’t help himself. Soon enough both guys had their clothes strewn all over the livingroom floor and they were completely naked. Rubbing each others warm skin they tried so hard to resist but the draw was just too much and in just a few minutes more Allen was sinking his fat throbbing cock deep in to Andy’s tight puckered asshole!

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