Tony Gets Tricked

March 29th, 2010

Studs Fun

Tony was out looking for some fun and he’d taken his convertible to try and lure some hot chicks in, little did he know that he was the one who was going to get lured in! As he sat outside in his car two babes came walking over and started asking him about his car. Tony was pretty excited about pulling two chicks and when they invited him back to the apartment that they shared the girls couldn’t wait to get back and Tony was feeling pretty lucky! On the walk back to the girls place the girls started telling him what they were going to do to him when they got home, Tony couldn’t wait!

When they got back to the apartment the girls pushed Tony back on to the couch and started teasing him with some porno mags they had laying around. Tony couldn’t hide his boner and the girls were getting really excited and they started stripping Tony off and rubbing his cock through his jeans. Things were getting really hot and then Tony flipped up one of the girls skirts and found out that his new “girlfriend” was actually a guy dressed as a girl! He couldn’t help himself though!

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