Frank Gets Fucked

March 30th, 2010

The Cross Dressers

Frank was over at his friend’s house, they were all partying pretty hard and things were getting sort of out of control. Things only got worse the more the guys drank but they just couldn’t help themselves and then things got just about as bad as they could get. Frank’s buddies gave him four shots one after the other and pretty soon he was so drunk he could barely stand up right. His buddies decided it was the perfect time to really fuck with him and going in to one of the closets they pulled out one of Dave’s girlfriends nighties and told Frank to wear it for them.

Frank was so far gone that he stripped off right there and put it on. Soon enough his cock was hard after the soft material rubbing against it and as the other guys watched him dancing around in his frilly lingerie they couldn’t help but want to fuck him. As drunk as they were they all could still get it up and Frank still had no idea what he was doing but as he bent down on the sofa Dave rubbed his dick against Frank’s ass and things just got crazy from there!

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