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Sailor Tranny Gets Sucked Off

March 31st, 2010

VIP Tranny

Dominic was out by the pool at his parents place, they had gone away on vacation for a few weeks and left him full reign over the house. He had spent most of his time laying out by the pool but when he got the itch to get down and dirty he picked up and called a service to send over a hot tranny to keep him company. Dominic knew that his parents would never approve but he didn’t care all that much because there was nothing he loved more than a fat throbbing shemale cock in his mouth!

When Sandy arrived Dominic was already out by the pool and she walked around the back of the house to meet him. Dominic couldn’t believe that she was dressed up as a sailor but he wasn’t going to waste anytime and neither was Sandy apparently because she dropped right to her knees and started to suck off his cock. Dominick knew that he was about to cum so he pulled out of her mouth and told her to sit in the chair so he could taste her fat dick in his mouth instead.

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Frank Gets Fucked

March 30th, 2010

The Cross Dressers

Frank was over at his friend’s house, they were all partying pretty hard and things were getting sort of out of control. Things only got worse the more the guys drank but they just couldn’t help themselves and then things got just about as bad as they could get. Frank’s buddies gave him four shots one after the other and pretty soon he was so drunk he could barely stand up right. His buddies decided it was the perfect time to really fuck with him and going in to one of the closets they pulled out one of Dave’s girlfriends nighties and told Frank to wear it for them.

Frank was so far gone that he stripped off right there and put it on. Soon enough his cock was hard after the soft material rubbing against it and as the other guys watched him dancing around in his frilly lingerie they couldn’t help but want to fuck him. As drunk as they were they all could still get it up and Frank still had no idea what he was doing but as he bent down on the sofa Dave rubbed his dick against Frank’s ass and things just got crazy from there!

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Tony Gets Tricked

March 29th, 2010

Studs Fun

Tony was out looking for some fun and he’d taken his convertible to try and lure some hot chicks in, little did he know that he was the one who was going to get lured in! As he sat outside in his car two babes came walking over and started asking him about his car. Tony was pretty excited about pulling two chicks and when they invited him back to the apartment that they shared the girls couldn’t wait to get back and Tony was feeling pretty lucky! On the walk back to the girls place the girls started telling him what they were going to do to him when they got home, Tony couldn’t wait!

When they got back to the apartment the girls pushed Tony back on to the couch and started teasing him with some porno mags they had laying around. Tony couldn’t hide his boner and the girls were getting really excited and they started stripping Tony off and rubbing his cock through his jeans. Things were getting really hot and then Tony flipped up one of the girls skirts and found out that his new “girlfriend” was actually a guy dressed as a girl! He couldn’t help himself though!

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Andy and Allen Swap Cum

March 28th, 2010

Real Sperm Swap

Andy had had a crush on his best friend Allen for as long as he could remember and while both of them had a thing for cock there was never a time when they got together. It was always a case of one of them having a boyfriend and then the other one being single but one night after one too many drinks Allen forgot all about having a boyfriend and things got pretty heated between Andy and Allen as they sat on the livingroom couch over at Andy’s house.

All it took was a few drinks before Allen loosened up and started making advances on Andy. First it started with Allen brushing his hand over Andy’s thigh but when Andy looked up at Allen with those fuck me eyes Allen just couldn’t help himself. Soon enough both guys had their clothes strewn all over the livingroom floor and they were completely naked. Rubbing each others warm skin they tried so hard to resist but the draw was just too much and in just a few minutes more Allen was sinking his fat throbbing cock deep in to Andy’s tight puckered asshole!

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Damien and Hal Getting Off

March 27th, 2010

Real Drunken Boys

Hal had just been laid off from his part time job and was pretty upset because it meant that he wouldn’t be able to pay for his text books for next semester. When he got back to the apartment he shared with Damien he started telling him all about his awful day when Damien suggested that they play a drinking game or two to put them both in better moods. Hal had nothing to lose since he didn’t have to get up for work in the morning so he grabbed a bottle of Vodka and they started the games.

After quite a few shots Hal could barely sit up anymore and told Damien he was headed in to lay down for a while. Damien followed him in to the bedroom because he was worried about how drunk Hal was but what he should have been worried about was how horny Hal was! As soon as Hal saw Damien he started to strip, and as soon as his cock was out Damien could see that he was hard for him and as drunk as he was he just couldn’t help leaning over to touch his hard dick.

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Blonde Preggo Sucks Cock

March 26th, 2010

Pregnant Wishes

Lila met her boyfriend in an online chatroom when he was looking for a pregnant babe to fuck. At the time that they met Lila was only a few months along but he had a real fetish for fucking pregnant women and Lila’s last boyfriend had up and left when he found out that she was pregnant so she wasn’t getting laid at all. The first meeting of Lila and her new boyfriend turned in to something of a porno, he couldn’t keep his hands off her and she was so horny after not having had sex in such a long time that the two were just insatiable.

As Lila got bigger and bigger her new boyfriend just got hornier and hornier and finally they were doing it all hours of the day in every room of the house! Lila loved the attention and most of all she loved having a fat hard cock on call whenever she got the craving for a big meaty cock at the back of her throat! Lila’s new boyfriend loved that he had a hot babe with huge dark nipples who wanted to suck off his dick every hour of the day as well!

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Mia’s Ripped Stockings

March 25th, 2010

Nylon Butterfly

Mia really loves to make her boyfriend happy and when he suggested that they try out a new fetish together she didn’t hesitate. Mia really loved to do anything to get her boyfriend off and when he asked her to dress up for him in naughty kinky lingerie and a sheer pair of black stockings she was more than happy to do it so long as it meant that she got to stroke off his big fat cock afterwards! Mia went out to her local adult bookstore to see if she could find some really kinky lingerie to add to the mood and when she spotted this cute little number she couldn’t help herself.

That night when Mia’s boyfriend got home he found her sitting on the couch wearing a sheer black bustier topped in red feathers. To match her kinky bustier Mia also had on a pair of black stockings and sexy black boots as well. As soon as he saw her he knew that they were going to have fun and Mia slipped her fingers under the waistband of her panties and flashed a smile at him. It wasn’t long before Mia was tearing in to her stockings and begging him to fuck her!

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Summer Gets Naked

March 24th, 2010

Nubile Ones

Summer has always been a kinky teen babe, from the very second she turned eighteen she was looking every which way for a new cock to cram in to her pussy! Unlike most innocent eighteen year old babes Summer doesn’t care about playing sweet, she’s more of a tiger and likes to jump on the first cock she see’s and cram it in to her slit and ride it until she cums. Summer doesn’t care if those guys want to catch it all on camera either because she really gets off on watching herself fucking on camera and then the whole cycle just starts all over again because she can’t wait to get off again!

Watch Summer in these pictures as she gets down and dirty with two guys in a video clip but only after she’s done her kinky little striptease. Starting off in her slutty little black tanktop and a short pink skirt with black fishnets Summer kneels on the sofa and peels down her tanktop to flash her perky little titties and her nubby nipples. Of course the guys go wild and it only eggs Summer on so she slips down her skirt too!

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Tracy Takes Fat Cock

March 23rd, 2010

New Porn Talents

Tracy works as a stripped in a local stripclub, it wasn’t exactly what she dreamed that she’d grow up doing but it kept the bills paid and left her a little extra in her pocket to shop for clothes and the usual girly stuff like makeup. Tracy’s dream had always been to be a movie star though. She always wanted to make it big on camera and when a guy came in to the club one day and told her that she had what it took to make it on camera Tracy thought her big break was finally here! What she didn’t know was that he was talking about porno movies!

Tracy met up with the guy at his local studio after work. He smooth talked her real good telling her all about what a big star she would be once she was released on film. It wasn’t until he asked her to rehearse a scene with him that Tracy realized it was a porno! She wasn’t beyond starring in a porno though, especially if it meant that she’d appear on camera and once she saw the size of the guys huge dick she was all for it!

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MILF Gets Creamed

March 22nd, 2010

MILF gets creamed

Marie might be older than your average hot babe but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t dream about getting her chubby pussy filled full of young throbbing cock! Marie takes every opportunity that she gets to spend her time around young guys in hopes that she’ll score a little cum filled pussy action! Last week when she had to call the cable guy to come and fix her TV set she specifically requested a “nice young man” to come by and help her with her connectivity issues.

When the cable repair guy showed up Marie couldn’t believe how cute he really was and she was glad that she’d bothered to dress up with her lace topped black stockings and a sexy red dress. The cable repair guy didn’t seem to pay much attention to her until she walked up behind him as he was working and rubbed her big titties against his shoulder. He turned around only to find that Marie had pulled her massive tit out of her dress. He’d never been with such an old woman before but staring at her huge tit he just wanted to pop it between his lips and suck!

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