Candy Fucks a Student

April 1st, 2010

World Mature

Candy had been teaching a few classes at a local university to pick up some cash on the side. She hadn’t really taught school for fifteen years but when her reserves started to run dry she knew that she needed to pick up a job and at least working the local university she got to oogle sexy guys all day! The first few classes were a little bit difficult to get in to but after a week or so things started to settle down and all Candy could think about was one of her hot students who always sat in the front row.

After class last week he asked her if he could drop off a paper to her office because he’d forgotten to bring it to class. Candy told him that she was leaving to go home because she was expecting company that night but if he had time to run over to her place that afternoon he could drop it off there. Well when he showed up at Candy’s place he found her wearing the sluttiest outfit he’d ever seen and he just couldn’t hide his hardon. Lucky for him he didn’t have to though because all Candy wanted to do was suck him off!

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