Twinks Crossing Swords

April 2nd, 2010

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Sam and Greg had been working long hours at the office all week but then again that’s what happens when you fund your own software company. Lucky for the two of them that they had built in some fun features in their new office including a pool table and some old video game machines to keep them busy on the breaks they needed to take throughout the day. One late Friday night though after they had been working on a software glitch all day they both decided that they really needed to relax. Both Sam and Greg had boyfriends but sometimes there is nothing you can do but get your rocks off to really relax.

The two shared a glance that said it all and minutes later they both had their fat cocks in their hands and were watching the other. The anticipation built until finally Sam stepped forward and rubbed his cock against Greg’s. They both couldn’t believe how amazing it felt to rub cocks and soon rubbing cocks turned in to licking dicks and that in turn turned in to getting hot sloppy facials! That was one Friday night that they definitely couldn’t talk about again!

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