Toby Takes a Fat Black Dick

April 10th, 2010

Black Seducer

Toby was on the job, he had to help a guy move a three bedroom apartment to a new three bedroom apartment across town and his partner hadn’t shown up to help him with the move. Toby was pissed off that he’d had to make the move on his own but to the guys credit he had helped move his own stuff since it was just Toby helping him. Just as they were almost done Toby grabbed one end of the sofa to start moving it and his back went out. Dan, the guy he was moving, caught him just as he was about to fall and lay him on top of the bed. Carefully he cracked his back.

One crack and Toby couldn’t believe how amazing his back felt after just one crack and as he laid back he felt Dan laying against him, his fat black cock growing harder by the second. Looking behind him Toby made eye contact with Dan and as the words “yes” passed his lips he felt Dan’s hand already on his fat dick. Before Toby knew what he was doing he had a massive black dick in his tight asshole.

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