Jamie Takes It In The Ass

April 11th, 2010

Boys Collection

Jamie and Dylon had been rooming together for a while, they had a third roommate Jessica but she didn’t quite fit together as well as Jamie and Dylon. Jessica was always yelling at the guys for being too loud or staying out too late and waking her up when they got back home but most of all she didn’t fit together as well as Jamie and Dylon because Jamie and Dylon had started fucking each other a few months ago. Things started after one too many drinks when they both admitted to being curious about sex with another guy and it continued after they realized how great it felt to have a fat dick shoved in their tight assholes!

Sometimes when Jessica was out in class the guys would sneak in to her room and fuck on her bed just to9 get back at her for being such a bitch. The added excitement of fucking somewhere they shouldn’t and the possibility of getting caught made them both even hornier than ever! Dylon just loved the way Jamie’s tight asshole felt around his cock, the way Jamie would lift his leg so he could run his tongue down his thigh.

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