Michael Toys His Ass

April 12th, 2010

Boys Wedding

Michael was finally getting married to his boyfriend of four years and to say he was nervous was a real understatement. As he sat in the hotel room just an hour before he was supposed to say “I Do” he started to shake and panic about the what if’s. He knew he needed to relax and looking through his bags he went looking for a flask to help relieve a little tension. Instead of a flask Michael found a dildo instead and got a completely different idea.

As he stripped off slowly he sank back in to the chair and let his fingers walk down to his cock. Stroking his fat cock he felt it start to throb in his hand and just when he thought he couldn’t feel any better he pulled out the toy and slowly slid it in to his tight asshole. It made his ass clench tightly and his dick twitch as he started to slide the toy in and out of his tight asshole. He hoped so desperately that no one came walking in because he had forgotten to lock the hotel room door but it felt far too good to stop toying his ass now!

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