Franco Gets Fucked

April 15th, 2010

Crazy Gay Bus

Franco had been having a really hard time getting work lately but he’d heard a tip from one of his cousins that there was a corner on the edge of one of the richer neighborhoods that had some pretty frequent work opportunities. Going out to the corner on Friday morning Franco waited around and then a big white van pulled up. Franco was excited that he had a chance for a job and as the van pulled up he opened the door and jumped right in, he had no idea what he was jumping in to though!

As he got settled in the back seat two guys sat really close to him and asked him how he liked his cock. Franco wasn’t sure what to say but when he looked over and came face to face with the biggest hard cock he’d ever seen. Franco didn’t know what to do but when the guy brought that massive cock up to Franco’s lips Franco automatically opened his mouth and slipped the cock in to his mouth. As he sucked her heard the guys talking about how they were going to fuck Franco until he couldn’t walk.

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