Helen’s Ass Gets Creamed

April 16th, 2010

Creampie Mania

Helen is a sexy brunette teen who just loves to get her tight wet pussy fucked. She hasn’t had a guy over to her place that she hasn’t ended up fucking or at least giving a blowjob in the last year. The ecstacy of that first moment as his dick slides in to her pussy just gives her such a rush that she can’t help herself. Well when Danny came over last weekend Helen knew that she wanted to do something special with him because she had actually been trying to get him over to her place for the last three months but he always had something else going on.

Telling Danny to just watch Helen started off by doing a little striptease for him, teasing her tiny tits and rubbing her slender fingers over her pussy. Soon enough though she couldn’t control her lust for his cock and beckoning him over she spread her legs and told him to cram his fat cock inside her. Soon she was begging him to shove his cock in her tight ass as well, something she never did. She couldn’t believe how tight her ass really was as he started to fuck her but it felt so goo!

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