Riley and Darius Fuck Hard

April 17th, 2010

Cum from the Ass

Riley was interviewing just about everywhere he could to get a job but the economy had been bad and he just couldn’t catch a break. Riley had been trekking around all day filling in applications and he had just one store left to check out, a local photography studio who was looking for a general run around guy. When Riley walked in they were shutting shop for the day but Darius agreed to stay around for a while and help him get his application in. Once every one had left though Darius started his own interview process.

Taking Riley back in to one of the back studios he started asking him if he thought he could lift the heavy camera equipment and whether he could manage to put up new backgrounds. Each time he asked him a question Darius would touch Riley’s hand and after asking a few more questions he outright told Riley to suck his dick and he could have the job. Being a kinky fuck Riley told him that if he’d agree to cum in his asshole he’d like it even better. Darius couldn’t believe what he was hearing and soon had Riley bent over the couch!

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