Ikara Gets Seduced

April 20th, 2010

Evil Comics

Ikara’s ship had landed on the planet that they’d been tracking for the past week as it came in to orbit.The other girls had nominated Ikara to go out and approach the natives because she had great knowlege of languages and she also knew how to use a sword. Stepping out in to the hot and steamy atmosphere she felt moisture forming on her naked titties and then she heard something approaching her. Turning around she saw a purple creature with wings and a massive hard dick and he was headed right for her.

Grabbing her sword Ikara lunged but as she did the creature tripped her and got closer with his massive cock throbbing. The longer she looked at his dick the more she was mesmorized by it and slowly she parted her legs to reveal her shaved bare pussy. The creature looked in to her eyes and slid his slimey hand over to brush it against her pussy. She bit her lip as she felt her pussy getting wet the moment he touched her. All she could think about was feeling his massive purple dick inside her wet pussy and as the creature got closer the more she wanted it.

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